Our Story


The genesis of FYELABS started at McMaster University with the Computing Infrastructure Research Centre (CIRC). Suvojit Ghosh (founder and CEO of FYELABS) was CIRC’s co-founder and managing director. At CIRC Suvojit’s job was to help companies develop innovative solutions to pressing problems. It allowed him to do many “experiments” on how to add rocket fuel to ambitious startups and small businesses.

In working with over 100 business founders, Suvojit realized their biggest struggle is to figure out the “nuts and bolts” of their product. This distracts them from their need of the hour, which is to develop an intimate understanding of their customers’ pain points. The most key lesson in Suvojit’s findings was in speed to market. We are now a proud spin-off of McMaster University, and continue to “hang our hats” at the McMaster Innovation Park as FYELABS Incorporated.

FYELABS was built to go from idea to a minimum viable product in months or weeks,
using the pioneering innovation-as-a-service (IaaS) model. We simplify and de-risk the act of developing new products and technologies for ambitious small and medium businesses to level the playing field between small companies and the Goliaths of the world.

Armed with our carefully curated cross-functional engineering team
, and the collective wisdom of having developed 100+ products to date, we act as your one stop shop for all of your product development dreams. Our core team is incredibly diverse, with strengths in software, DevOps, algorithms, IoT, hardware, and more…you name it, we can build it!

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Meet the FYELABS team!


...and we are growing!

Suvojit Ghosh, PhD

CEO & Founder

Ghada Badawy, PhD

CTO & Co-Founder

Souvik Pal, PhD

CPO & Co-Founder

Thierry Cherpillod

Director of Infrastructure Technologies Practice

Hosein Moazamigoodarzi, PhD

Product Manager

Jonathan Casella

Technical Director

Elvira Meleca

Operations Manager

Sophie Hamilton

Administrative Assistant

Alexander Shuev

Full Stack Developer

Carina Simonovsky

Full Stack Developer

Hamidreza Shamsi

Energy Systems Specialist

Asad A Ashraf

Algorithms Engineer

Carlos Rojas

Industrial Automation Specialist

Andrii Prasolov

Frontend Developer

Kaitlyn E Kenwell

Embedded Developer

Kurtis Lammer

Mechatronics Designer

Abigail Nevo

Quality Assurance Analyst

M. Saeid Nik Shoar

Embedded Systems Specialist

Soheil Shirvani

Machine Learning Developer

Christopher Smith

Graphic Designer

Rachana Ramachandran

Backend Developer

Fernando Martinez Garcia

Algorithms Engineer

Alina Zeng

Software Developer

We are proud to call the McMaster Innovation Park our home.

Image of FYELABS Office