About Us

Our Story

Our journey began with our founder’s experiments to determine why SMEs suffer or fail. He found that these companies often struggle with the nuts and bolts of their product. This takes them away from their foundation, which is a solid understanding of what their customers need.


FYELABS exists to simplify the act of developing new products and technologies for ambitious small and medium businesses. We aim to level the playing field between small companies and the Goliaths of the world.


When you start a business, or develop a new product, the hardest part is figuring out what the customer needs. So, we let you focus your attention on that while we use our no frills model to transform your idea into a selling product lightning fast and at low-cost.


Armed with our carefully curated cross-functional team, and the collective wisdom of having developed over 70 products to date, we act as your one stop shop for all of your product development dreams.


Our core team is incredibly diverse, with strengths in software, DevOps, algorithms, IoT, hardware, you name it! When we run out of skills, we have Canada’s most industry friendly university, McMaster, to back us up. We dip into the university’s resources to tap physical assets and the wisdom of a 30,000+ heads innovation ecosystem.


Industry-university relations can be complicated. SMEs often find it challenging to navigate the complex processes of negotiating a contract, working with professors, leveraging students, etc. However, all major research universities are a mountain of resources that can be invaluable to any ambitious business.


A common myth is that we are funded by the university or grants. We are not. We used to be an entirely self-funded unit within McMaster University; our clients loved us, and paid to use our services. We are now a proud spin-off of the university, and continue to “hang our hats” at the McMaster Innovation Park.


FYELABS is architected to be the storefront of the university. Just McMaster today, but the world tomorrow (no, we don’t have franchising opportunities yet, but ask us again next week?).


The genesis of FYELABS is in what was previously the Computing Infrastructure Research Centre (CIRC) at McMaster University. Our founder started CIRC back in 2016 using a pioneering model wherein researchers started cohabiting with an industry-born start-up. We apply the many lessons we have picked up along the way to bring your ideas to life.


The most key lesson was in speed to market. We realized that to be successful in today’s world, you need to go from idea to a minimum viable product in weeks/months. FYELABS helps you do exactly that, using the pioneering innovation-as-a-service (IaaS) model.


So far, the IaaS offering has been around for about four  years. With 70+ clients from 5 different countries (as of September 2020), and counting…

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Meet the product development team, we have


...and we are growing!

Suvojit Ghosh

CEO, Self proclaimed "jack of all trades"

Ghada Badawy

Vice President, Granted 5 patents

Souvik Pal

Vice President, Automation Enthusiast

Sayon Bhattacharjee

Solutions Architect

Uses 4 computer monitors at once

Emmet McFarlane

Algorithms Engineer

Has owned 16 cats at a single point in time

Jonathan Casella

Embedded Systems Engineer

Enjoys building robots

Hosein Moazamigoodarzi

Hardware Engineer

Former stand up comedian

Azam Foda


Aidan Ouyang

Front End Developer

Casual snowboarder

Sean Cobham

Electrical Engineer

Avid hang glider

Sasila Hapuarachchi

Software Developer Intern

Loves to travel & plans to visit a new place each year

Mark Hutchison

Software Developer

Designated Game Night host

Olena Shaposhnykova


Erica Herridge

Marketing Specialist

Dance & yoga teacher

Daniel Genkin

Software Developer

Dylan Ribau

Backend Developer

Taha Malik

Mechatronics Engineer

Amateur astrophotographer

Thierry Cherpillod

Product Designer

Car racer for 25+ years

We are proud to call the McMaster Innovation Park our home.

Our Office

Image of FYELABS Office

What’s it like at FYELABS HQ?

We are located on the 4th floor of the Atrium building

at 175 Longwood Rd, S in Suite 401A in Hamilton, ON.

Designed for collaborations

between our product development team members and with our customers. Only a few of our team members, out of sheer necessity, have dedicated offices. Otherwise, the whole world is our workplace.

Uniquely equipped to host our clients.

In many cases, our clients key personnel come and spend the day with us. We have a nice space to accommodate them in our conference rooms and lab spaces.

Not fancy,

our office reflects our "no frills" business model. Most of the furniture came from IKEA, and was assembled by us. Our founder's desk was fished out of a basement in the John Hodging's Engineering building