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Meet our Embedded Systems Engineer, Jonathan Casella

You may know Jon already, he has been a part of our team since the beginning of time. Best know for his lack of haircuts, Jon is a “certified” jack of all trades and takes on many different roles and projects within our operation, ranging

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Computers Inspired by the Human Brain

Hello all! My name is Jon, for those of you who don’t know me, I am an Embedded Systems Engineer at FYELABS. Here at FYELABS we are constantly working with computers, whether it’s a linux server in the cloud, a microcontroller in an embedded device,

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Where Did FYELABS Come From?

Where It All Started I have now spent the better part of a year building and growing FYELABS. The best part of this is every day I get to meet, and hear the unique stories of, visionary founders from around the world. Almost every single

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