What does FYELABS do?

We are a product development firm that provides end-to-end, high quality product development services for start-ups & SMEs. We do this really fast and at a fraction of the cost using our no frills business model and open source expertise. Whether you need to take your product idea to market; need a custom solution to make your business run more efficiently; or you need an engineering team on tap we've got you covered. 

Do you have a domain of specialization?

We pride ourselves on being able to tackle a huge variety of projects. We have a very interdisciplinary team of engineers and scientists specializing in many areas including: 


- Software: Web, mobile, firmware, IoT, etc.

- Algorithms: AI, ML, image processing, natural language processing, optimization, analytics, etc.

- Electronics: PCB design, device design, RF systems, IoT, etc.

- Hardware: Mechanical/industrial design, industrial automation, power/electrical systems, HVAC systems, thermal packaging, CFD simulations, etc.


Over the years, we have become open source experts which allows us to develop new products and technologies across many different industries and specializations. No matter what, we are always your one-stop-shop for product development. If we run out of resources we search high and low to find you the best resources to get your project done right, as quick as possible, and without breaking the bank.

What kind of projects have you done in the past?

We've developed new products and technologies in many different areas, for example:


- Maintenance schedule optimization platform for asset heavy industries

- Fault prediction/predictive maintenance in semiconductor OEM fabrication facilities

- Remote diagnostics (SW + IoT HW) for railway tracks

- Remote diagnostics (SW + IoT HW) for oil refinery

- Process automation and fault prediction system for water treatment plant

- Image based user monitoring platform for commercial gymnasium

- Image based contaminant detection for airport runways

- Motion-sensor based user behaviour monitoring and nuisance alerting in public washrooms

- Thermal/multispectral image based building energy envelope examination system

- Remote/virtual laboratory session platform for higher education institutions

- Fault prediction engine for local power distribution network

- Traffic optimization system for broadband (DOCSIS) networks

- Autonomous monitoring system (IoT + rover) for mission critical facilities (datacentres)

- Remote diagnostics and fault prediction for chiller plants

- Web based executive education platform

- Course recommender engine for learning management system

- Churn prediction engine for wealth management firm

- Application to predict the probability that a marketing email will be opened based on text in email subject/body

- Intrusion detection system and SIEM

- Driving event detection algorithms for driver behaviour monitoring in fleets

- Remote diagnostics, monitoring, and billing system for electric vehicle charger network

- Image based biometric authentication for animals/pets

- Fault prediction and remote diagnostics of electric generators

- Condition monitoring and contaminant detection on airport runways through imaging

- Staff/teacher scheduling optimization in daycare centres

- Datacentre infrastructure management system (DCIM)


We love a challenge and are constantly diving into new areas of product and technological development. We take the steps to stay up-to-date and educated on the latest and greatest tech, so we can deliver innovation in all areas that you need!


See exactly what kind of projects we've previously tackled in our project portfolio.

How are you different from others offering product development solutions?

We are a one-stop-shop specializing in the development of products that are ready for market. We develop your product end-to-end with our multidisciplinary team. There is no need to shop around, manage different contractors, freelancers, suppliers, etc. We handle everything you need locally in Hamilton, ON, Canada. 

How much does it cost?

It depends on the task at hand. All of our projects are fixed fee in nature. We use an hourly rate to calculate the cost and present it to you upfront before you sign the deal.

The only exception to this are our Retainer Services, where all efforts beyond the 10hrs/month included in the subscription are billed at the hourly rate. 

Costs for various projects have ranged anywhere between $2,500 and $500,000CAD.


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How long will it take?

Again, this depends on the task at hand, but we promise to start within two weeks of you placing an order.


Our projects generally run anywhere between 2 weeks and 6 months.


We know that in today's everchanging world of business, time to market is everything to be successful, to compete, and to disrupt the industry. Using our ultra-lean development strategy we promise that we will deliver your product or solution as fast as we possibly can so that you can get back to what matters most. 

Who owns the intellectual property?

YOU! You (our customer) owns every part of the project we develop. The only exception is you would not own the rights to any open source tools that we use to develop your product.