Meet our Embedded Systems Engineer, Jonathan Casella

Meet our Embedded Systems Engineer, Jonathan Casella

You may know Jon already, he has been a part of our team since the beginning of time. Best know for his lack of haircuts, Jon is a “certified” jack of all trades and takes on many different roles and projects within our operation, ranging from full stack software development to building really cool robots.

Jon joined the FYELABS team before FYELABS, and our Innovation-as-a-Service model, were born. As he was finishing up his first year of engineering at McMaster, he was recruited from the Dean’s list to work with us when we operated as CIRC within the university.

Jon is passionate about solving hard-to-solve problems and loves the variety of challenges he gets to tackle each and every day working alongside the many founders and entrepreneurs we get to call customers here at FYELABS. Jon move between really interesting projects all the time and really enjoys the “run and gun” mentality of his work.

Outside of work, Jon continues to pursue his passion and love for solving problems and enjoys working on innovative, personal projects. Currently, he is working on building his own CNC machine and also developing his own software that keeps his friends, spread across different cities in Ontario, connected through one of their favourite games by bringing it online. 

Jon offers a great piece of advice to fellow and future engineers, “there’s always more to learn.” Jon believes that this is the best way to tackle a challenge so you’re always ready to adapt, pivot, and learn throughout the process. Don’t forget to read Jon’s recent blog article, “Computers Inspired by the Human Brain,” and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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